America is a land of immigrants.

Every July 4th, Carnegie Corporation salutes the legacy of immigrant Andrew Carnegie and millions of immigrants who continue to make our nation vibrant. Explore an inspiring group of naturalized citizens who have contributed to the progress of our society… and tell us about a great immigrant you know. Share with #greatimmigrants


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“Becoming an American Citizen was one of the best decisions I ever made… For quite a while I felt that my new permanent resident status might be sufficient. Why not go on indefinitely like that? I loved my green card, and its intricate security patterns. (Did you know that the cards include a dozen or so pin-head-sized portraits of American Presidents on their back?) But after five years, when citizenship became an option, I felt that something had changed in me. I just cared too much about America to go as neither fish nor fowl…” Read More

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Eduardo Darino celebrates in 2013 his 50 years creating animation, from analog hand drawn art to film, video and now digital particles in real time. He animated Superman for the ALA, Snoopy for tv specials and many others. He has received multiple international awards and produced-directed over 250 episodes for television, all dedicated to nature, ecology and science… Read More

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“I moved to the United States from Jamaica the day after I turned 16 years old. I had just graduated from high school, but had a problem getting my official transcript, so I was not able to submit my college applications. Once it became obvious that I would not be able to attend college that fall, my parents and I made the decision that rather than sitting around the house waiting, I would attend the high school around the corner from our home for one semester until the material arrived. What a culture shock! I had attended an all-girls Catholic High School in Jamaica, so the New York Public School system was quite an experience….” Read More

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“My dad in Cuba said, ‘When you go there you’re going to ask for George.”

Jose “Pepe” Noriega, one of over 14,000 children who came to the U.S. as part of Operation Pedro Pan, speaks with Lynn Guarch Pardo about the role her father, Jorge “George” Guarch, played in the historic airlift. Recorded in Coral Gables, FL

Great Immigrants, Great Stories: Three Tales of Becoming an American

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Liz Balmaseda, business leader and philanthropist Aso Tavitian, and novelist Monique Truong all wrote movingly about their experiences as immigrants in The Huffington Post. The three were among the 43 naturalized citizens featured in this year’s Immigrants: The Pride of America campaign. We invite you to share your own stories about how you or your family came to America and what being part of this country means to you.