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Steve Pitney

Dear Fellow American present and future,

While on the Carnegie site, I was recalling a PBS story of the Mars missions and I recalled that one of these missions was directed by an immigrant/refugee from Iran. The MAIN focus of this program was the wonderful family values the iranians have, brought to this country, for the enrichment of us all. While looking for the name of this scientist, I came upon the this IMPRESSIVE LIST of Iranians including Carnegie president Vartan Gregorian. I also encourage people to visit this bigger list of immigrants and add to it anyone they know. My own ancestor James Pitney was an immigrant to the Plymouth Colony from England in the 1620′s settling here with his family in the 1630′s. Watch this documentary about the Immigrants’ Memorial near Plymouth Rock in Masssachusetts.

Have a Blessed Independence Day!!

Steve Pitney, Plymouth MA

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