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Eduardo Darino

From Uruguay

Eduardo Darino celebrates in 2013 his 50 years creating animation, from analog hand drawn art to film, video and now digital particles in real time. He animated Superman for the ALA, Snoopy for tv specials and many others. He has received multiple international awards and produced-directed over 250 episodes for television, all dedicated to nature, ecology and science.

In addition to being an internationally recognized film technologist, Darino’s work can be seen everywhere in the city he has had a lifelong love affair with including an introductory film at Ellis Island, movie theaters – where some of his effects were used to created the cautionary medley of phone rings and baby cries that shushes moviegoers before films, as well as theater and TV trailers and show credits which are constantly being shown.

He developed the copy-motion process. Ed is teaching special effects at Pratt Institute, Dept of Digital Arts. You can read more: Wikipedia/Eduardo Darino.

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