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Oscar Marquina

This is an excerpt for a story in the Deseret news and it is my story of the pursue of the American Dream.

“The state’s top economic development officials were gathered at a local eatery for a business presentation by a small group of Utah State University graduate students. When the day’s events concluded and Oscar Marquina’s classmates left the restaurant, he stripped off his suit and tie and put on a work shirt. He was due in the kitchen for his shift washing dishes. When you’re undocumented, you become adept at moving between worlds, all the while attempting to stay below the radar, Marquina said in a recent interview. ”

This is part of story that was published in the Deseret News, it is a story about immigration, it is a story about Dreamer’s and it is my story. the path to the american dream has been rough, but worth it, and it is a path worth reading.

For the full story go to here.

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