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Beheruz Sethna

From India | President Emeritus, University of West Georgia


Beheruz Sethna, born in India, in 1948, served as the sixth president of the University of West Georgia—the first Indian-American to lead a university in the U.S. During his 19-year tenure, he catalyzed the growth of the school’s enrollment by 50 percent, turning a small liberal arts college into an institution with full university status. At the same time, he taught—and today he continues teaching undergraduate courses as a professor of business administration at Richards College of Business. He holds a Ph.D. in business as well as a masters in philosophy, from Columbia University.

On learning of his selection as a Pride of America honree, Sethna said: “I am honored to be selected by the Carnegie Corporation to be included in this set of Great Immigrants. I have always believed that the United States and India are bound by strong philosophical ties of democracy, freedom of the press, entrepreneurship and business, excellence in academics, and the like. So, to me, being a naturalized U.S. citizen is my own one-person affirmation of the ties between these two great democratic nations. I was born and raised in India and learned much from my parents and environment there; I have been a U.S. citizen for more than three decades, and have appreciated and enjoyed the many wonderful opportunities here. Correspondingly, I have contributed in my small way to the growth and benefit of both countries, and will continue to do so. I remain excited about the future of both great nations and want to part of that future…”

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